Set the Bar HI

Premium cannabis infused chocolate.
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Six Premium Flavors

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Solvent-Free Distillate

We use only high quality solvent free oil. It is highly refined then clarified to produce one of the purest forms of THC in the world.

Premium Quality

We are dedicated to our craft, when you taste our confections you can rest assure we use the finest all-natural ingredients.

The Next Step

We are taking the next step in the evolving cannabis movement. Our approach to making the finest quality edibles is evident in the attention to detail. Hence, we craft our chocolate with good intentions and the highest quality ingredients. We are dedicated to consistency which is why we start with highly refined oil.

Our in-house cannabis distillation process is second to none.¬†We care about the oil in our products because our patient fans consume these treats everyday. So “set the bar hi”, snap off a piece of your favorite edible, unwind, and enjoy.

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