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Floating and Edibles

  Invented to facilitate some of the scientific research of the last few decades, sensory deprivation tanks are beginning to filter into the mainstream. Most recently, and notably, sensory deprivation tanks, also called float tanks, made an appearance in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. In that series the young protagonist named Eleven uses the [...]

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Sweet Synergy

Chocolate and cannabis are made for each other. There are few substances that are able to provide the same uplifting, mood enhancing effects as either chocolate or cannabis. This is probably why cannabis infused chocolates that give you both at once, like what we make at HI-FI, are so popular. Beyond the rich, decadent flavor [...]

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CBD medical benefits

CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly changing the argument for Cannabis in our health system. Studies have shown that CBD possesses medical benefits. However, most people are familiar with the compound  THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. Nowadays, attention has shifted to another compound in marijuana, CBD — for good reason. [...]

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How do we make our CBD oils? (aka solvent-free)

Our CBD oils and clean Concentrates Most oils and concentrates are made from the use of solvents or butane. The CO2 critical extraction process also uses a solvent during the process. The purging process rarely if ever removes all residues. Laboratory testing easily proves this by finding residual toxins. Butane contains the additional tracing element called [...]

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Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Looking for a classy treat to medicate? This mousse is a real show stopper and adding a kick of cannabis really takes it over the top. Everyone should have one elegant dish that they can whip up in no time to treat themselves and their friends. We all have times when a typical edible is either boring [...]

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5 Tips for Over Medication in the Great Outdoors

How to come down in nature Over medication is a problem at the best of times, especially with edibles. When out camping, hiking, fishing or simply enjoying nature. This is not the time to feel sick, paranoid, and dizzy. Honestly it can be a bad  experience, and has been known to turn people away from [...]

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HI-FI Chocolate Cake

How can you make your friends day whose birthday is fast approaching? Do they really dig chocolate? That's right, it's time for HI-FI chocolate cake. Chocolate back in the day was very expensive and only for high society to consume. And I am so glad that nowadays we can enjoy our chocolate anytime and anywhere. [...]

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