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Cannabis users, medical or otherwise, are constantly stigmatized as being unmotivated underachievers. While couch lock happens, the stigma isn’t fair and it’s time for a change. With cannabis able to treat so many conditions, this outdated view is downright harmful since it may deter some from seeking the medicine that they need. Fortunately, we already see that change happening as more and more high profile people are coming out of the cannabis closet. To help set the record straight, inspire HI-FI’s customer to continue setting the bar high and challenge the stigma we’ve put together a spotlight on several people who enjoyed the herb from time to time while reaching the highest accolades in their fields.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare on HI-FI Edibles blog

“To burn, or not to burn, that is the question”. For one of the most famous poets and playwrights in history the answer seems to have been to burn. The influence and reach of William Shakespeare’s works are vast. High School classes around the world still read selections of his 37 plays and 154 sonnets. Standing up in front of your class around 15 and reading a few passages of Romeo and Juliet aloud is practically a rite of passage. Shakespeare’s influence is even extends even deeper into our culture as his plots are constantly being reworked for the silver screen. However, what your teacher probably didn’t mention is that a case can be made that the bard enjoyed cannabis.

In 2015 it was announced by the South African scientists excavating Shakespeare’s garden that a four hundred year old clay-pipe they recovered from the site contained traces of cannabis. It’s hard to say conclusively that pipe belonged the Shakespeare since the find is centuries old. However, a famous line from his 76th sonnet famously states, “and keep invention in a noted weed”. This may indicate that smoking marijuana was a part of his creative process. That would certainly provide an explanation for the playwright’s invention of over 1,700 words over the span of his works.

Michael Phelps on HI-FI Edibles blogMichael Phelps

Michael Phelps started swimming at the early age of seven. And by ten he already held a national record for the 100 meter butterfly in his age group. Phelps broke a world record in his first event in the 2004 summer Olympics held in Athens. Michael won six gold medals that year, cementing his celebrity status and earning his place on America’s cereal boxes. In his next Olympic appearance at the 2008 games held in Beijing Phelps won eight gold medals. He broke the previous record for most medals earned by an athlete in one Olympics.

Later in 2008 news swept that America’s golden boy smoked marijuana when a photo of him with a bong surfaced. In response to this, his picture was pulled by Kellogg’s. However, Phelps still went on to continue clinching medals until his retirement after the 2016 where he served as captain of the US Olympic team. Through the course his career, Michael Phelps won a total of twenty-three gold medals. This achievement made him the most decorated athlete in Olympic history.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger on HI-FI Edibles blog

Arnold, The Governor, Mr. Olympia himself, is well known for having a sensible stance towards marijuana use. It is iconically captured puffing on a joint in the 1977 documentary Pumping Iron. Inspired by bodybuilding magazines during his youth in Austria, Arnold dreamed to get chiseled and come to America. Arnold’s first big win in bodybuilding, which catapulted his career came at the age of 18. The win almost didn’t happen because at the time Schwarzenegger was surviving in the Austrian military. He was strictly prohibited from leaving for neighboring Germany where the 1965 Junior Mr. Europe competition was being held. This didn’t stop Arnold. He believed so firmly in his dream that he snuck off base and across the border to go compete and win.

Upon returning to Austria, Arnold was imprisoned for three days by his superiors for abandoning his post. Schwarzenegger would go on to win seven Mr. Olympia titles for his phenomenal physique. After his seventh title, Arnold set his sights on conquering Hollywood which he did starring as an action hero in the 80’s in such iconic films as The Terminator, Platoon, and Predator. 1987 saw further honors for Arnold as he was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not satisfied with dominating the worlds of body building and film, Arnold decided to take on politics and served as the 38th Governor of California from 2003-2011. Few in history have achieved as much as Arnold.

It’s Time

As you can see the use of cannabis doesn’t get in the way of motivation or achievement. Clearly, it’s far past time to drop this damaging stigma. For those of us who suffer from the expansive list of conditions that cannabis treats, it may even provide the relief we need to achieve our dreams. One of the reasons we make our delicious cannabis infused chocolates is to provide our customers with the medicine they need to perform at their best. Let’s all get out there, get after it and set the bar hi!

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