Cannabis and Opiates: Which is Better for Pain Management

Everybody experiences physical pain throughout their life. And the ambitious life in the fast lane does not make pitstops for pain. Discomfort from chronic or acute pain could lead to a prescription of opiate derived medication such as codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone or morphine. However, as more cannabis research regarding pain management emerges, more people are [...]

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Could Cannabis Enhance Your Work Out Routine?

Operating beyond our optimum potential is not an easy feat. But nothing of worth comes easy. In order to achieve optimal strength, fitness is the place to start. It is common knowledge that daily exercise will help increase endurance in this busy world. But sometimes the hardest part of working out is getting started. There [...]

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Destination Cannabis

Work hard and play harder – a common mantra for us today. Grinding through the work week and gearing up for a fun filled and relaxing weekend.  As of 2018, there are many destinations where you can legally enjoy recreational cannabis as a resident or tourist.  If you are in the United States, hop in [...]

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What Is A Microdose?

High achievers across the nation ingest tiny amounts of cannabis or microdoses of cannabis to gain an edge in performance. Arriving in the public eye in the mid 2016, microdosing is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in marijuana. For those who want the relief of cannabis without the psychoactive impact of heavy use, [...]

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Cannabis Stigma

Cannabis users, medical or otherwise, are constantly stigmatized as being unmotivated underachievers. While couch lock happens, the stigma isn’t fair and it's time for a change. With cannabis able to treat so many conditions, this outdated view is downright harmful since it may deter some from seeking the medicine that they need. Fortunately, we already [...]

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Hiking with HI-FI

Here at HI-FI Edibles we are always looking for new ways to set the bar hi! One that’s catching steam and even being prescribed by doctor’s is “green therapy”, which in this case is not referring to medical marijuana which we know and love, but, instead to time in nature.  Science is starting to show [...]

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Sweet Synergy

Chocolate and cannabis are made for each other. There are few substances that are able to provide the same uplifting, mood enhancing effects as either chocolate or cannabis. This is probably why cannabis infused chocolates that give you both at once, like what we make at HI-FI, are so popular. Beyond the rich, decadent flavor [...]

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CBD medical benefits

CBD, or cannabidiol, is quickly changing the argument for Cannabis in our health system. Studies have shown that CBD possesses medical benefits. However, most people are familiar with the compound  THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high. Nowadays, attention has shifted to another compound in marijuana, CBD — for good reason. [...]

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How do we make our CBD oils? (aka solvent-free)

Our CBD oils and clean Concentrates Most oils and concentrates are made from the use of solvents or butane. The CO2 critical extraction process also uses a solvent during the process. The purging process rarely if ever removes all residues. Laboratory testing easily proves this by finding residual toxins. Butane contains the additional tracing element called [...]

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Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Looking for a classy treat to medicate? This mousse is a real show stopper and adding a kick of cannabis really takes it over the top. Everyone should have one elegant dish that they can whip up in no time to treat themselves and their friends. We all have times when a typical edible is either boring [...]

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