Cannabis: It’s All Natural

We live in a fast paced world where everything is available in a moment’s notice.  Dreams are achieved through hard work and discipline.  Living a natural life is becoming more mainstream especially when it comes to what we put in our bodies. Even though it can be pricey, non GMO and organic products and herbal [...]

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What Is A Microdose?

High achievers across the nation ingest tiny amounts of cannabis or microdoses of cannabis to gain an edge in performance. Arriving in the public eye in the mid 2016, microdosing is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in marijuana. For those who want the relief of cannabis without the psychoactive impact of heavy use, [...]

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5 Tips for Over Medication in the Great Outdoors

How to come down in nature Over medication is a problem at the best of times, especially with edibles. When out camping, hiking, fishing or simply enjoying nature. This is not the time to feel sick, paranoid, and dizzy. Honestly it can be a bad  experience, and has been known to turn people away from [...]

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