How do we make our CBD oils? (aka solvent-free)

Our CBD oils and clean Concentrates


Most oils and concentrates are made from the use of solvents or butane. The CO2 critical extraction process also uses a solvent during the process. The purging process rarely if ever removes all residues. Laboratory testing easily proves this by finding residual toxins. Butane contains the additional tracing element called Mercaptan which is rarely removed during the purging process. That is why the oil we use is also “distilled” which refines the oil similair to an alcohol still (Think high end Vodka). The more you refine the oil the clearer it becomes. There is hardly room for anything else if we produce oils at 80+ percent even 90% with this much THC.

The only other process used for extracting is the ice hash method which dilutes the concentrate but also avoids the health risk of solvent extractions. The resulting product tests relatively low.

The concentrate in all Hi-Fi products use a proprietary process of extraction without any traceable solvents in the final product.

We tested all of the oils for potency, molds and residual solvents every time. The end product is a nearly tasteless, odorless, product. Perfect for edibles.

Our CBD is the purest.

CBD oils help with many health issues including multiple forms of cancer as well as epilepsy, particularly the well known child diagnosed – Dravet Syndrome. Due to the processes used to extract

the CBD rich concentrates that we sell, we are able to extract a significantly higher amount of CBD sometimes as high as 99.99%! We produce an extract so pure that it manifests in crystalline form.

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While the CBD oils contain THC, the THC is non-decarboxylated. That means you will not get the psychoactive traits of the THC but only the synergistic benefits of THC and CBD working together. Reports have shown that the synergistic effects of CBD and THC are to slow and in some cases inhibit certain forms of tumor growth in brain cancer patients as well as control the frequency of seizures in epileptic patients.

Most Edibles use unrefined oil or “Dark”

dark oil

Unless your edible specifically states, otherwise the product you’re eating is above. Now some smaller boutique edible makers might be using all-natural butter, but without testing this is also not an ideal edible. A quick look above can tell the entire process.


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