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Work hard and play harder – a common mantra for us today. Grinding through the work week and gearing up for a fun filled and relaxing weekend.  As of 2018, there are many destinations where you can legally enjoy recreational cannabis as a resident or tourist.  If you are in the United States, hop in the car or on a plane and get to a legalized state nearest you.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington and Washington D.C. According to an article in Newsweek at least 12 more states are getting ready for legalization in 2018.  Cannabis prohibition is gradually coming to an end.  Woot!! Woot!!

If you don’t live in these states or you do and just need a staycation, planning for a cannabis friendly trip is fun and exciting. Whether you enjoy edibles, like the delicious chocolates made by HiFi, or cannabis flowers and concentrates – it is wonderful to be able to enjoy cannabis without prosecution. As long as you are responsible and aware of how each state permits the use of recreational cannabis.

Safety first! Although the laws vary in each state, here are the basics to safely participating in recreational cannabis in states where it is legal. Remember that not all states have recreational cannabis for sale. (This information should not be used for legal purposes.  Laws often change and you should always double check for updates.)

  • Adults 21 and up may enjoy recreational cannabis. Always carry an identification card.
  • Public consumption is not permitted except in designated areas like a cannabis store with a lounge.
  • Consumption in vehicles is not allowed and may result in a DUI.
  • DUI –   5 nano-grams or more of THC per 100 millimeter of blood
  • Most states permit public possession up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower.
  • Possession of cannabis infused liquid and solids (concentrates and edibles respectively) vary in each state.
  • Most states allow you to gift cannabis without monetary transaction.
  • Keep your cannabis in an airtight container and in the trunk of the car if you are mobile
  • Do not take cannabis across state lines. I wouldn’t be surprised if the authorities are waiting on the other side of the border.

There are numerous hotels, bed and breakfasts, and private home rentals that cater to the cannabis enthusiast. Online travel agents that specialize in a cannabis experience are available to help you plan the perfect trip. Not all cannabis dispensaries are ready for recreational sales so be sure to do your research.  Call ahead of time to ensure you don’t waste your time.

One of the most interesting activities I discovered is – wait for it…..CANNABIS TOURS! Yes, Cannabis Tours!


In California you can take a 4.5 hour Wine and Weed tour through the bay area. Not only will you see beautiful scenic views of the bay area  and crossing all three bridges, but dispensaries, a  live grow tour and a visit to a winery are all on the list of things to do.  You may even get the chance to taste cannabis infused wine.

With marijuana tourism in the early stages in California, cannabis tours offer any opportunity to gain insight into the industry and get a behind the scenes look. Marijuana-friendly tour companies offer visits to commercial marijuana grow operations, edible kitchens, dispensary visits and more.

There are many online resources for marijuana tours such as California Marijuana Tours by and


Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis and is the flagship for all things recreational including Colorado Cannabis Tours. You and your tour/tokemates are able to enjoy cannabis as you navigate through the city.  There are several tours to choose from – ranging from $29.00 for a quick visit through Medicine Man’s Grow to $249 private tours.  The most bang for your buck would be the Original Colorado Cannabis Tour for $99. A 6 hour tour that starts with lunch at a cannabis inspired restaurant then takes you to several dispensaries, glass blowing demonstration and a tour through Medicine Man’s Grow.

Puff and Paint Classes, in depth extraction demonstrations and Cooking with Cannabis are some of the activities you can participate in if you don’t have time to take a tour. You can even have an expert cannachef prepare a Cannabis Infused Dinner Party.


Portlandia Experience has two tours available in Oregon.  The first tour – Sudz and Budz will take you to see beautiful views and best of all, you will bounce to and from dispensaries and breweries.  One brewery even had CBD infused beer. Second you have the Freeform Tour.  This tour is customized to the group and will depend of the weather.  Dispensaries, breweries and a visit to the redwood trees at Laurel Hurst Park are a few of the many places to go to on this tour.


Washington, Boston and Washington D.C. do not currently have tours. But there are many cannabis friendly activities. Puff Pass and Paint Classes, Puff Pass and Pastry Classes, even Yoga and Meditation with cannabis.

If you end up planning a spontaneous trip you may not be able to book any of these activities. Cannabis Festivals are happening all over the place all the time and normally have last minute tickets available.

Don’t worry. Find cannabis friendly lodging or stay at friends’ house. As long as the city you are in has a dispensary you can visit, you are good to go. You deserve it!

I might even plan the Wine and Weed Tour for my next birthday!

“Who’s coming with me?” – Brian from Half Baked

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