FAQ 2017-08-03T20:52:14-07:00
What does solvent free mean? 2017-08-14T21:38:54-07:00

It means that less than zero parts per million of the solvent used to create the oil are still present.

What strain is used in dark almond bar? 2017-08-14T21:36:16-07:00

A blend of flowers used to create the distillate oil/extract that we use in all our chocolates except the CBD bar.

How to make marijuana chocolate bars? 2017-08-14T21:40:34-07:00

Making chocolate bars at home is as easy as melt, mold, and chill. Melt your choice of chocolate or mix of them. Pour into a mold and refrigerate the mold to release a bar of chocolate. Or, just buy ours.

How to cook with hash oil? (or what are hash oil edibles recipes?) 2017-08-14T21:33:19-07:00

Hash oil varies in quality and without knowing the exact qualities of your oil and the flavor profile it could turn out horribly. So let us handle the oils we use only the best and check out our recipes in the blog section of our site.

HI-FI bars for sale? 2017-08-14T21:32:27-07:00

You can currently find HI-Fi Bars in medical dispensaries throughout California. We are happily awaiting the changes in legislation that will allow us to be in recreational dispensaries as of 2018.

Buy HI-FI bars online 2017-08-14T21:31:28-07:00

Unfortunately, due to the federal legal status of cannabis, it is unable to be shipped and thereby unavailable for online sale.

Delivery service? Or apps? 2017-08-14T21:30:59-07:00

Check us out on Weedmaps.com to find out if a delivery service near you carries HI-FI.

For my first time, how much should I eat? I smoke a lot and weigh 150. 2017-08-14T21:30:21-07:00

Start with a HI-FI Bite and divide it into six equal pieces, take one then wait two hours for it to kick in. Remember Delta nine THC is what you are used to when you smoke, but eating it causes your liver to turn it into hydroxy-THC eleven which is more potent and longer lasting than smoking.

Is there an Opiate effect from eating cannabis? 2017-08-14T21:29:41-07:00

Some of the same effects are present from consuming marijuana as taking opioids. However, you get to skip out on the dangerous side effects of respiratory depression, constricted or pinpoint pupils, nausea, and addiction. Cannabis is used to treat opioid dependence.

What are the differences from smoking? 2017-08-14T21:29:03-07:00

Onset time is much different smoking is a nearly immediate kick in where as eating cannabis means it must get digested and makes the up take time 2 hours. It is a stronger and longer lasting high as our bodies change it from the Delta 9 form of THC to the much more powerful Hydroxy-THC 11.

Is HI-FI available for wholesale? 2017-08-14T21:27:42-07:00

Click on the wholesale tab in the upper right of our website to get started carrying HI-FI for your patients.