HI-FI Ambrosia

Here is one in honor of all the chocoholics out there. I sincerely hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do when I’m craving comfort.

This is my favorite hot cocoa recipe, as it is flexible enough to entice milk and dark chocolate lovers. This recipe is meant  for a group size but can scale back to accommodate your needs. I usually make this in winter. I love hot cocoa before a fire with the rain coming down outside. Really, there is no bad time for a chocolate fix, in my opinion. I have several go to recipes for chocolate I find eating a bar every time I need relief from stress can make it tedious. This way, I get a warm comforting soothing experience and different recipes give me the variety and change I often crave.


4 Cups Whole Milk, sorry no non or low fat here you want something for the THC/CBD to bond with.

glass of milk

1/2 – 3/4 Cup Cocoa Powder, less for milk chocolate more for darker.

1 Cup Sugar

1/4 – 1/2 HI-FI Mint Chocolate bar, by tolerance, broken into small pieces.



– Combine Cocoa Powder and Sugar

– Heat milk to the beginning of a boil, when you see the little bubbles move to the next step.

– Pour dry mix into milk slowly, stirring as you goHI-FI Mint Chocolate

– Allow to come back up to an almost boil.

– Turn off heat

– Drop in pieces one at a time while stirring slowly, this will reduce the heat of the mix without overheating the HI-FI chocolate.

– Stir thoroughly before serving to ensure all the HI-FI is melted.
Ladle into your favorite mug and enjoy. Makes 4 Servings.


For even bigger gatherings, this can be made ahead in a crock pot by doubling the recipe and dumping in all the ingredients except the HI-FI chocolate into your crock pot. Then, put it on the lowest setting which is usually the largest amount of hours. Stirring occasionally, once it begins to smell of chocolate, turn your crock pot setting to warm and add the HI-FI bar pieces.


Ladle into mugs and enjoy. Makes 8 Servings.


Dosage and Tolerance

Keep in mind that the Mint HI-FI Bar is 125mg per segment. I use a half bar so 250mg for 4 servings, or approximately 62mg per serving. My tolerance comes from many years of smoking and eating cannabis. If you smoke but do not generally do edibles, please consider using a single segment for your first run. In two hours if  you’re not happily snug and dosing have another cup. The sleepy couch lock feeling with a lack of aches and pains is the effect most often experienced. If you become uncomfortable, sweating, paranoid or panicky at any point, set the cup down and drink a strait glass of that full fat milk. It will reduce these issues and give you a longer and more pleasant experience.

Chocolate milk


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