5 Tips for Over Medication in the Great Outdoors

How to come down in nature

Over medication is a problem at the best of times, especially with edibles. When out camping, hiking, fishing or simply enjoying nature. This is not the time to feel sick, paranoid, and dizzy. Honestly it can be a bad  experience, and has been known to turn people away from edibles altogether.  Take these five simple steps to get your enjoyment back on track this summer.

1. Stay Calm

I know this sounds like a no brainer, but when your stomach starts doing flips and the paranoia kicks up it is not so easy.  It is essential however, a level head can get you out of trouble and back to enjoyment faster. Several deep cleansing breaths of fresh outdoor air, are just the thing to restore the calm. Unlike prescriptions, marijuana, edible or not has never killed anyone. Over medication here is more uncomfortable and annoying than actually dangerous.

 2. Eat

 Ok I get that your queasy, but this will help. Preparation is key to having the correct foods available. Snacks for an outing with edibles should include a high fat non-medicated snack. High fat! I know it sounds scary, but the science goes like this. THC is a fat soluble molecule so when

nuts healthy food

you eat it, that’s what it dissolves into fat. However, this means you can trick the system by putting more fat into your stomach for THC/CBD to dissolve into. So instead of making you paranoid and sick. It takes longer to digest it because now you have to digest the other food first. Cheese, peanut butter, even your favorite nut mix are all great options.


3. Move

bending movement

I hear it already, I don’t feel well how can this make it better? By slowing digestion, the human body can only do one at a time. Muscles require a lot of blood, so get yours pumping to distract your body from digestion. The more you move the less digestion gets done.  It does not have to be strenuous, even a sedate stroll will begin slowing the process, and giving you relief. Make no mistake however that digestion will start again when you stop moving. Using other options in conjunction with this one is recommended.


 4. Drink Water

Give your whole body some help by drinking water. Water helps your system naturally. Increasing your energy as well as digestion, absorption, and saliva creation. Dry mouth anyone, water can help. If you dislike water or its lack of flavor, try juice. Staying away from caffeine and alcohol can help as they tend to dehydrate you. Water also helps keep muscles hydrated, keeping muscle fatigue at bay. Which is important for those longer outings. For more benefits of water check out this article.

5. Nap

napping outdoor

If all else fails, a nap will allow you to rest and refresh. Your system slows the processing of that yummy chocolate bar segment. Napping slows your metabolism which means slower digestion. Camping allows for this much more easily than fishing or hiking. We know nothing compares to the comforts of home. Napping under the trees with all the sounds of nature around you however, is like nothing else. Even if you don’t sleep the act of laying back and watching the clouds or stars. Is a great relaxer and will still give you the calm needed to help you through.


Preparation is key

A little preparation can really save you this summer. Between having the right snacks handy, and lots of water for your outing. Having your best experience in the great outdoors can come down to a few simple supplies. Please understand none of these is going to take the place of knowing your optimal dosage. These are just in case steps to rescue your weekend in wilderness, even if it is just a stroll in the park.

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